Saturday, 19 November 2011

Behind the scenes.

When I started this blog it was at an interesting point in time for us as a family. We had made the decision to sell our family home that we had spent the last 10 years extending and renovating. The same house that I swore I would never leave!

But of course things change and you can either move with those changes or get left behind. In our case we had been looking at country properties for the previous 18 months, with a view to finding a small block where we could 'get away' for weekends. We found one, got swamped in the tidal wave of interest in the property at auction and went home to re-think.

What we decided that night was why were we wanting to 'escape to the country' every weekend and return to town during the week? Surely if the country was where we wanted to enjoy our time, then why don't we move there full stop? So the house went on the market and after a long and drawn out process finally sold.

As I've mentioned previously in older posts, we have bought a bare block in Piper Street, Kyneton and our intention is to build a dedicated shop, workshop and residence there for our future. That's all very well and good but in the mean time we having been renting a friends house and had not had a place of our own. But during one of our trips up here I noticed a small house for sale, not far from our other block in Piper Street.

Now I say 'house' loosely, as it's a bit of a shocker, both inside and out, the roofs had it, the stumps are shot and the interior reflects god knows how many years of rental use. But the price was right and it was exactly what I was looking for in respect of a blank canvas and not paying for other peoples renovations which we probably would have removed anyway.

Here's the back. Beautiful 'aint she! If you look at the ridge line of the roof you can see just how much it has sunk in the middle. Inside, it's so bad it's sunk about 250mm over the width of one room. Great!

Here's a photo in the living room - kitchen. No, I haven't got the camera on an angle. The camera is level!

So in between the two Peter Galbert classes that are rapidly approaching, we will be transforming this little house into something closer to a home. We have chosen a style for this place that I think will be fairly unique for this little part of the world. Our trip to the U.S. helped to cement our ideas for the place. Watch this space for the transformation!

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