Saturday, 23 June 2012

So many tasks.......

So few hands. I had planned to finish off the window this weekend, but with the weather being fine and rain holding off today and tomorrow, we decided to move a few things around between the various sheds and storage units we have our things spread in around town. But at least I managed to get the mortises cut and picked up the glass from the local glazier in the short time I had.

He didn't have toughened glass but did have 6mm laminated instead, which is pretty strong in it's own right and should be good thermally too.

They fit perfectly and make for a nice strong window. As I said before, I think this window will out live the cottage. And on the subject of the cottage, a package arrived on Friday afternoon from the U.K, a little detail that we had to search for a while to find.

Rat tail door bolts for the French doors. These guys are hand forged and have just the right look. I couldn't help myself and fitted them straight away. The other door handles and details are even closer to the mark, but I'm saving those pic's for a large blog post that I'll do when the fit out of the rest of the interior is complete. But so far it's looking just how we envisaged, and hey, Rome wasn't built in a day.

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