Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Locked up.

The huon pine window has been fitted to the bathroom wall and trimmed outside with the architraves and bead and with that the cottage is officially 'locked up.' And not before time, there's another frost in the morning and we are experiencing the coldest winter here for the last 10 years.

I almost felt sick when I painted the Huon Pine, but it has to match the rest of the windows and doors from the outside. I do like the fact you can see the Huons colour through the window though, a hint of what will be inside.

And so the rest of the fit out continues. The cupboard doors above the fridge, which is also the entry to the loft in the ceiling space.

So I raided the wood rack and pulled out a heap of London Plane that I had milled very early in 2011. Amongst the dozen boards there were two boards around 30mm thick for rails and styles and the board in the top photo which was around 20mm, which I would use for the panels.

An arvo without so much as a coffee break and the two doors were made. The London Plane has great figure and the left style even showed some spalting.

Glued up and a couple of Gidgee handles turned. Tomorrow morning some hinges on and hang them. Then it's off to the Berwick District Woodworkers Club for a Windsor Chair making demo tomorrow night.

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