Friday, 17 August 2012

"Pardon me, but may I see some more of your crotch?"

Yes, this has been the resounding question via email over the last couple of weeks. It seems there must not be too many ( if any ) people out there cutting crotch Elm any more. I've had quite a few enquiries about buying, a board, a book matched pair of boards and ....the lot, from several interested parties. As far away as Cairns, where it appears there's not so much as an Elm in sight.

But sadly, as I have replied to all enquiries, it is not for sale, but was posted more so as encouragement for others to hunt for the stuff too, next time they are standing in front of a promising fork in a tree! It's out there guys, you just have to look.

So, in answer to those who have asked what came out of the large flitches of crotch, here is a photo of one side milled. Six boards per side, twelve in total in the set. The other side was just as nice. Each board is well over 800mm long and just on 400 wide. Perhaps, if I find some more I can offer it in the future, stay tuned!


  1. Your crotch is really growing on me.


  2. Disturbing isn't it. It appears crotch has that effect on many!

  3. Can I say err..... I like your crotch Glen

  4. How very kind of you Phil, I'm happy to report it's drying nicely.....