Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A few more Perches...

Saturday saw David and Michael arrive at our workshop for our first 'official Rundell & Rundell' chair course. I know I've said it before, but these little Windsor style stools are great fun to make and just the right introduction to chair making. The combination of simple cigar style leg and stretcher turnings and a small hand carved seat ensures that the process is not all intimidating, no matter what your level of expertise. 

Both David and Michael had wood working experience and took to the turning like ducks to water. Same deal with the carving too. 

At the end of the three days they each took home a very fine Perch of American Oak and Eastern White Pine, quite fitting I thought, U.S. 'lumber' for a U.S. designed stool. The timing of the course worked well as I had a commission to make a special order Perch for a local artist. I used the commission piece as my demonstration model. 

This was no ordinary Perch however, with the commission calling for a figured Black heart Sassafras seat and Black Walnut legs. I've made a good deal of furniture with that combination, the Black Walnut highlighting the dark figure in the Sassafras.

The stock for the seat was some of the first timber I milled. I had bought the log in from Tasmania and it had been strapped and stacked in the shed for years. 

I think it came up a treat. Another coat or two of Danish Oil and it'll be ready to head to it's new home on Friday.

There's a lot going on in the workshop at the moment, with classes booking up and orders for chairs. High on the list is a Galbert Crested Rocker which has to be finished in a few weeks. It's for a very special customer indeed. A new customer you might say. A few updates to come.... 


  1. looks fantastic Glen. A real credit to you, I plan to join in sometime soon.

  2. Thanks Wayne, good to hear from you.