Tuesday, 15 October 2013

English Oak Rocking Chairs

Sunday afternoon saw the end of our last group class for 2013, a Continuous Arm Rocking Chair. The four guys were joined by Sarah on the last day, who was making up for missing the last day on the previous course and I'm happy to say we finished with four great rockers and a chair, all trimmed and ready for paint and or oil.

Richard ( far right ) had come the furthest, from Northern NSW and we had a great week comparing everything from weather to timber and everything in between, in true NSW versus Victoria fashion. 

On Friday night at the bar, he made me write and sign a guarantee that we would finish the rocker by Sunday! 

Here he is sporting it on his shirt. I think he had some doubt that we'd get across the line. But we did and had a lot of fun in the process. Richard, like all past students, is welcome back in my workshop anytime. Hopefully I may see his too in the future..... I'll bring the Wickhams Road Merlot Richard!

Another great aspect of this course was the material we used for the spindles and crest rails. If you follow the blog, you'll remember the huge English Oak that came down in a storm in March this year, it was well over a hundred years old. Now this grand old tree from Simpson Street, Kyneton will live on in those four rocking chairs, hopefully for another hundred or so.

And while we are on the subject of beautiful old trees, I was fortunate enough to have another past client, David ring and tell me of this old gem. 

It's an old Blackwood that came down in his paddock recently and rather than see it cut up for firewood, I'll hopefully take a few saw logs from it and put it to good use. Plenty of chair legs there me thinks! Thanks David.

Tomorrow Lisa and I are hitting the ground at Tylden for the first of many days of cleaning up around property and cutting grass. Stay tuned for some progress pic's. Cheers!

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