Tuesday, 24 December 2013


As 2013 fades into the distance I hope you all had a great year and would like to thank everyone  who has followed this blog over the past 12 months or longer. 2013 has been a busy year for Lisa and myself,  one full of new experiences, in business and our private life and of late in finally finding ourselves a place we can truly call home.

 In the white
3 Coats of milk paint prior to oil.

This morning as I put the last coat of Danish Oil on a Continuous Arm Chair ( a Christmas present for author John Marsden ) I thought about how that chair reflected the past year in a number of ways. Like most chairs I make, I'm almost always more pleased with my latest effort. This chair was no exception.

I think it's an accurate gauge of my understanding of my craft and my desire for continuous improvement. This time around I tried new techniques, I altered the design a little and experimented with the finish too. It resulted in a chair that came together easily, was very symmetrical and had good form.

Similarly with our business, I'm pretty happy with the way this last year has gone. It's been a bloody long and hard one, but still….. We've officially crossed the line of 12 months in business, we've supported lots of local makers by providing an outlet or gallery for their work, we've run dozens of courses with happy and satisfied customers, we've opened the door to our accommodation house, '1774', we've run our wine bar, 'The Chairmakers Wife' every weekend, bar two, without incident and at the same time Tom has finished his first year of school. I think we stayed relatively sane throughout the whole year too!

But most of all, just like the last chair, I'm content with 2013 and think it has been one of 'our' best yet. Just like the chairs though I'm looking forward to the next one being even better. I hope yours is too. Merry Christmas and if I don't post in the mean time….. Happy New Year.

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