Tuesday, 21 January 2014

First cab off the rank

Just before our week long heat wave fully hit it's straps last week, our first class for the year wound up, again with two very happy new chair makers.

Wendy and Bev, sisters who grew up in Victoria's Western District, came to the workshop to make a Continuous Arm Chair each. And did they ever. Two very fine chairs indeed and in record time. The class is formatted as a seven day class to allow for any contingencies or issues that may arise. 

Well suffice to say Wendy and Bev worked so efficiently that they glued up their chairs around 5pm on the 6th day. Considering the 7th day was 40+ degrees it was great to be in a position where all that was required was to put some finishing touches to the chairs. We even had a chance to talk in greater depth about Milk Paint finishes and other detail. Thank you for a great week ladies. 

While I'm on the topic of classes, Lisa and I are very pleased to announce that for the second time we will be bringing Peter Galbert out to Australia to teach another 3 classes in December this year.

 I'll go into further detail in the coming weeks, but suffice to say, if you were ever considering making your first windsor chair or re-visiting the process for a second time, don't miss this opportunity. Outside of packing your bags and taking 20 hours of flights to Massachusetts, this is the only way to experience chair making at it's very best. Stay tuned!

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