Monday, 23 June 2014

Not hungry any more?

It's been another couple of weeks of terrorising termites at Tylden and we now have all of the floors in nearly all rooms except the hallway removed. On removing plaster from the walls, then floorboards a similar pattern appears. 

A bit of bottom plate chewed here, a section of top plate destroyed there and usually a couple of studs completely eaten. 
But when you think there's rhyme and reason to their eating habits, you'll find a stud that has only been eaten half a metre from the floor or that they have carved a path through the centre of a 12mm thick weatherboard for 3 or 4 metres, ignoring all other timber that it attached too. 

And just when we though we would have to rebuild every single wall and floor in the place, the last room in the house, on the North West corner, was left largely untouched. Just a small amount of damage on two of the corner posts. Perhaps it was due to the Northern aspect meaning the walls were drier and warmer than the others? 

The 'uneaten' room? To hot for you eh?

Whatever the reason it was a great relief not to have to pull up another floor, joists and bearers and either burn them on the bonfire or cut them up for firewood.

In amongst the insect action, Bern and I also ran a Continuous Arm Chair class with 5 great people on board. Peter who had come down from Sydney for the week, Sue from just down the road and Hew from just out of town. Don from Melbourne and Dan from Ballarat. Again we ended up with 5 great looking chairs at the end of the week and five happy people with a better understanding of the just what is involved in making a Windsor chair.

A terrific group of chairs and people. Cheers!

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