Saturday, 16 August 2014

Country Workshops

With sadness I read Peter Follansbee's blog post on the terrible loss of Naomi Langsner's husband Teo Reha in a logging accident. Particularly as I had spent time at Country workshops only a few weeks prior myself.

Out of respect to the Langsner family I'll keep my post on Jeff and my visit to Country workshops brief.

On leaving John and Nancy's home, we merely made a right hand turn from their driveway onto the Langsner's and wound our way up to the workshop. A beautiful old two story barn style building looking squarely down a valley in the Southern Appalachian mountains 

We arrived knowing that Drew was running a class that day, but had still welcomed us to visit. We spent a little over an hour there that day. 

Drew took time from his class to talk with us, which I'm very grateful for. In that short time we covered a lot of ground, classes, shaving mules and a lot of other stuff in between. And just as I've seen previously, you can see and sense the passion Drew speaks with when talking about what happens within those walls.

But outside of the conversations, just being there, in a place that has been the source of inspiration for so many others before me, was quite something. I'm sure I'll be back there sometime. There's too much to learn from Drew not to.

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