Saturday, 21 April 2012

A different view.

It's not a baluster leg or a steam bent crest but I couldn't resist taking a few photos of our future home's garden. These little guys are about as sweet a tomato as I've ever tasted.


In amongst renovating the cottage we had been going through the motions with our local council about building a new shop and residence here in Piper Street. The amazing plans which my Uncle Geoff had drawn had been shown to a few builders too and the resounding responses were estimates and timelines that would choke a chook and curl your toes.... both at the same time. So some serious rethinking was in order. Around the time of us contemplating our respective navels, a little place just two doors down happened to become available. Star Anise restaurant.

So the plans are on hold just for the moment and the future home of Rundell & Rundell is assured. There's a pretty overwhelming sense of excitement in the household at the moment, with plans of the shop setup coursing though our minds. Stay tuned for more on that soon, but when looking out the back at the organic garden that supplied this Chef's Hat awarded restaurant, I couldn't resist getting the camera out and capturing the amazing fruit and vegetables growing there.

Tomatoes galore, so many that you could make pasta sauce for a month. Black currents, Tahitian limes, lemons. Artichokes, pumpkins and peas. Mint, rosemary, thyme... the list goes on. So it looks like we will be well catered for when we move in. A great resource too for lunches for people coming to take a chair course here.

And the view across the fence isn't bad either. It sort of reminds me of the little towns and villages we stayed in on our trip to England and Scotland last year, deciduous trees and stone buildings. We've got a great feeling about the place already are counting the days now until we can make it our own.

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