Monday, 16 April 2012

Something about cake.....

I really meant to post about the first chair class I've run in Kyneton earlier than this, but moving house sort of got in the way. Then a nasty bug decided he would take up residence in my stomach for bit and see if he could cause a little bit of unrest. Well mission accomplished bug, nice work.

Anyway, back to that happy day, being last Friday, when my first clients finished their two Continuous Arm Windsors. And what a great pair of chairs they were. Both Mark and Tony were suitably impressed with the finished product and well they should be, they both turned out a great chair. I was glad they chose to have baluster turnings in the chairs too. I don't know, maybe it's because the first Windsor I made had balusters, but I really feel the Continuous Arm shines with that extra detail that the balusters afford over the Bamboo/Double Bobbin.

There was a third fella who was just as happy as the guys and that fella was me. There was a good deal of satisfaction had in the knowledge that this chair making stuff had merit!

Seeing the course come to fruition over the last week was very satisfying indeed. The week flowed very nicely too and I was able to tweak and structure the days to suit the guys as their progress unfolded.

The result was a very laid back last day, with no pressure, no hurried work or mistakes and both chairs being finished and spindle tips trimmed in time for a celebratory beer or three afterwards. Tom bought around his box bacon flavoured Cheesels too, as you can see in the background.

The icing on the cake was both Tony and Mark discussing throughout the week, building their own shave horses and their plans for making more chairs in the future. That was always a big part in my interest in teaching others to make chairs.  Inspiring people to continue to make chairs and windsor style seating after taking a class with me. To have it happen already assures me it was the right choice, kind of like having the cake and eating it too.


  1. Nice job Guy's.
    Congratulations Glen.

  2. Thanks Wayne, we had a great week.