Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A brush with fame

Amongst the pace of the previous week I had a visit from a friend with a very interesting piece of cargo on board. We both agreed that given the objects value, we would not advertise who owns it. You know, like the dentist, who's face they couldn't show on T.V....... ( it's an Australian thing, to my overseas friends! )

A James Krenov hand plane, made by Mr. Krenov himself some thirty odd years ago. In conjunction with the hand plane was a signed letter and copy of a Krenov book and a photo of Krenov signing the very same book! The closest I had previously ever come to anything 'Krenov' was at the Appalachian State University in North Carolina a few years back, watching Krenov protege, David Finck making a Krenov style hand plane during a workshop on the subject. Finck signed a copy of his book for me, but the plane he made was whisked away and not for sale. Bummer.

It was amazing to hold and inspect a hand tool made by a true woodworking icon. The plane was superb in its earthy simplicity and felt like it was an extension of my arm when holding it. But turning it over to inspect the sole, it was apparent just how finely made an instrument I was holding.

The mouth was as crisp and fine as I've ever seen ( The original Swedish blade is retracted in this photo ) and the insert fitted in front of the mouth was seamless.
It was a real treat to see and hold a real piece of woodworking history.  Thank you very much for the experience.

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