Friday, 11 May 2012

A step closer

As the cold weather begins to set in, up here in the central highlands I can see what the locals ( I was told recently that I won't be a local until my Grandmother is buried here- that may be a little hard now ) mean when they say "the weather is turning." And with that onset of cold wind and colder nights it's obvious just how important keeping warm is.


For this reason Lisa and I have been stuffing every last square inch of the cottage with insulation. When we first stripped back the old layers of this house, there was not a single batt, piece of sisalation or anything else for that matter,  between the outside wall layer and the internal plaster. I don't know how anyone kept warm in there. 

It's Autumn and we have already had several frosts, so winter should be a doozy. So with every part of the frame jammed with insulation we have hung the plaster ( with Dad's help too ) and will finish off the wall linings with solid lining boards in the main living area. This has really put some definition back into what was the skeleton of the frame.

And today a little more progress was had with a past chair making student and friend Peter Page coming up with his brickies tools and re-facing the chimney in the living area. Peter did a great job and the fireplace now looks a treat. I forgot the camera today though so there will be some photos to come. Another step closer to the little place being finished. Thanks Pete!

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