Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Boxing Day

Boxing Day came early this year. We had so many enquiries about Shaker oval boxes last weekend in the shop that I had to get back into the workshop and make some more.

I made up 3 No.5's, a couple of No.4's and a handful of No.2's and 1's.  As these little boxes are going to be a regular fixture in the shop ( and courses too ) I thought I'd best teach someone else how to make them, to lighten the load a little. So Lisa got a lightening quick tutorial on bending and tacking. Tomorrow they will get their top and bottoms fitted and pegged.

Best part of that was getting into our new workshop to make them. The first thing I've made there really. Another bonus was trying out a recent addition to the workshop. An old and very unique bench.

Made in The Hague in the Netherlands, this square bench has four factory fitted vises and is ringed by dog holes on all sides and in the faces of the vises. Four original wooden dogs came with it. Each vice also has a custom metal screw and heavily knurled nut, recessed into the face of the vise jaw. This nut can be wound out to mirror the thickness of what's being clamped. That way when clamping a narrow piece, the nut stops the vise from wracking and losing grip. Very flash.

It needs a good clean up and oiling but it should be just the thing for our Shaker Oval Box Classes for 2013. Millie the shop hound gave a nod of approval too.

For anyone looking for that ever elusive present for the person who has everything, why not get them a Rundell & Rundell Shaker Box Anvil !? Solid steel and not a hollow, tinny piece of pipe, these anvils are the ducks pyjamas for all box sizes from '0' to a No.7. Good for hollowing out hot dog rolls too!

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