Sunday, 28 April 2013

Different chairs, same result.

This evening I had the reason why I teach others to make chairs re-iterated to me.

Mike finished his Perch today. Great guy and a fine result. Mike took to every technique like a duck to water.

Friday morning Woody came and finished off his Continuous Arm Chair that he started a few weeks back. He couldn't attend the seventh and final day of the course as he went off to see some bloke called "The Boss" or Bruce Something, who was apparently singing a few tunes in a paddock near Hanging Rock. Woody's chair too, is a credit to him.

Both guys really enjoyed their respective chair making experiences. Both guys I believe will go on to continue making chairs in the future. That has to be the greatest compliment any person who I've taught in my workshop can give me. That they are inspired to continue their own chair making odyssey. It's how 'we' ensure that traditional woodworking is kept alive and thriving long after 'we' have departed.

Cheers Guys.


  1. Thanks again Glen for such an enjoyable and informative workshop! It just goes to show that if I can do it, anyone can do it! Next stop Windsor chair.

  2. Cheers Mike, your welcome anytime in the workshop. Glen