Sunday, 5 May 2013

Interesting paths.

Met a great couple on the weekend. Larry and Carol came to the workshop and made a couple of perches and celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary at the same time. Nice one. 

This wasn't the first chair that Carol had made though and it showed. You see Carol spent 5 or so years in the Newstead workshop of Dickie Blackman, a very well known and respected maker of cottage style furniture. Blackman was well known for his traditional English style furniture, which exuded integrity, simplicity and strength. Hand woven natural rush seats were a feature of his work.

Above is an example of his work that is now held in the Craft Australia National Historical Collection. 

And here is a chair that Carol made with Blackman in his workshop. The rush seat is terrific and very comfortable. It was woven by Carol. Below is a child's chair made in the same style, next to my arm chair to give a  sense of scale. It's a real little gem.

Lastly a little three legged oak table started by Blackman and finished by Carol. The top is hand adzed and draw-knifed. The legs turned off centre then gently shaped by hand with a drawknife and spoke shave. The legs are wedged into the top. So simple and very beautiful.

Blackman's mark lays near one of the legs.

Thanks Carol for the insight into a very talented craftsman and your time spent with him. Thanks to you both for a fun 3 days too. Cheers.

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