Sunday, 17 November 2013

Day Three

                                     Smoke stained shingle roof from before there was a ceiling

A temporary beam and struts to hold the roof in place while we remove and replace the stud walls.

 Brick wall to the left of the rotted wall. Interestingly 'they' laid the bricks directly onto the bottom plate of the frame. Termites love damp timber and so they ate it. I hope they got a stomach ache.

Above the missing bricks is about a tonne more bricks, which very quickly started to crumble away….. holy s%#*t

I don't know that I have ever laid bricks so quick before. I was squatting in the dirt like a sprinter in the starting blocks. Ready to take off if the whole lot gave way. That should hold it for a while.

Rotten wall below leaking valley gone. And so too the horrid 70's/80's aluminium double sliding door that used to face into this little courtyard. Opening up what would have been the original verandah.

When I first looked at the house I wondered what the original verandah posts must have looked like. Wonder no more. The last remaining post which had been hidden for who knows how long inside a later addition wall. It's 5 inch square with deeply scalloped edges. Nice.

A tonne  or so of detritus, dirt, rocks, half bricks and shingle ends removed from one side of the kitchen floor. This should give some breathing space under the new floor.

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