Monday, 11 November 2013

Up and running

Just a little over a week ago I had Emma and James in the workshop to make a pair of Perches and again I was impressed with the quality of the finished product. Given their enthusiasm it was not surprising. I reckon that the format I'm using  for the course is working too. 

An introduction to turning on the first day, culminating in the legs being turned usually just after lunch. Then drilling the three leg holes and sometimes even starting the reaming before the days end. A day of seat carving on the second day and finally turning the two stretchers, drilling legs, glueing up and final touches, rounding out the third and final day.

And so the Tough lathe I bought a few weeks back has been put back into service and is now going to allow us to run a 3 person Perch course.  After running courses for a maximum of 2 people for nearly two years now, I feel that an extra person is no impediment to the smooth running of the courses. It will also help with the back log of interested people who are on waiting lists to attend the workshop to make a Perch. 

With a new linked v-belt fitted and the motor re-wired and fitted to a new stand, it's running as smoothly as you could wish for,  Bolted down to the heavy cast bench there's not so much as a hint of vibration either. Ready for the last Perch class of the year, next weekend. Now I just have to re-arrange the shed to fit it in! 

I'll post a pic of it in its new home soon, or of course you can come and see it for yourself sometime, say when your making a Perch of your own….

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