Sunday, 15 May 2011

Fill the till

So here is the the till in bits ready for gluing. Back panel has been checked for size and room to expand and contract with the elements.

All glued together I pre- finished the inside of the till with a few light coats of shellac to give a stable base for wax later on, to make the drawers glide in and out with ease. I intend to have a fair few tools in each drawer, so every bit of sliding assistance helps! I then grabbed my trusty wooden clamp and glued in the bottom drawer divider before the center divider was fitted. Some people ask why I bother to make these types of clamps, well the answer is in this photo. What other clamp is there that will provide good clamping pressure this far ( approx. 180mm/or over 7"s ) from an edge, with still over 25mm (1") to spare? I don't use it all the time, but it's invaluable when I do. The jaws are made of Cooba, a native Australian Acacia with beautiful figure.

Here's the till all glued up, dividers in place and ready for for finish planing, a light sand here and there and then a few coats of tung oil. Quite happy with how it looks, plane as it is. Maybe I can put a bit of colour in the drawer fronts?

Hopefully I'll get a chance to start the drawers this week, but our house goes to auction this weekend so I may get a little distracted with other things! I'll stick with poplar for the drawer sides and bottoms but don't know about the fronts. Looking through the wood rack, I've got a choice of ...... salvaged Tasmanian Myrtle, salvaged fiddleback Redgum, Huon Pine, Silver Wattle, desert Cooba, Blackwood, curly and birdseye Maple, American Walnut and Crotch Walnut and even some Gidgee! A lot to choose from, I think I'll continue with the K.I.S.S. principle, Keep It Simple Stupid......... it seems to work for me!

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