Saturday, 7 May 2011

So what's it all about?

So if you have found your way here, your probably wondering where I'm going with this and why I am posting information in the first place?
Well the short answer is because there have been a lot of people nudging me for too long to start posting this information in a place where it can be accessible to a greater audience than the fellow wood workers and furniture makers I spend time with.
Then of course is the bleedin' obvious, which is that I love a good story and could talk under wet cement eating ice cream and I love working with wood, so what better forum to do it in? Right?
I'll try my hardest not to bore you all with long winded stories and keep my blurbs as short as possible, but I'm no copy writer or editor so you'll have to excuse my poor grammar and lack of computer savvy-ness!
The first real interesting thing I want to share is my latest project, in fact it was talking to a few mates recently about it and seeing their enthusiasm for it that finally convinced me to get off my proverbial and get this site going...
Now to work out how to load photos onto this 'ere thing....

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