Saturday, 14 May 2011

Till for the tools.

Just a short update, in between other commitments,like work and trying to sell our house! More about that down the track. I decided on a shallow sliding till for the chair chest, as it would allow me to have plenty of room below for large draw knives, winding sticks and other large tools and jigs.

So here is the till milled, dovetailed and dado-ed ready for drawer dividers/runners. As per my previous post, everything to make the chest is coming straight from my wood rack and this stuff is no different. The till is American Poplar, bought when I was in Pennsylvania, after taking a chair course in Tennessee with Curtis Buchanan. I bought back a heap of American 'Lumber' as they call it, and this is a smidgeon of the poplar I bought. Ideal stuff for internal pieces, drawer sides and bottoms etc. It saws, planes and chisels well and I actually like the greenish creamy colour.

Don't know yet if I'll face the front edges or not with something a bit more exotic, but part of me is resisting as it is supposed to be a working chest after-all. Not a posers! Maybe I can build a flash one for the cabinet making tools later down the track. Hopefully I'll get a chance to glue it all together tomorrow then I can start measuring for drawers. I think I like making drawers as much as chairs...!

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