Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Cottage Update....

Here's a few photos of the cottage as I've been promising for the last few weeks. There's a way to go yet but it's sure changed from the bland and sagging little place it used to be ( see blog post - 'Behind the Scenes' 19/11/11 )

Here you can see the new roof that Jim Carew ( the Master Plumber I did my apprenticeship with ) his son Brendan and I put on a few weeks back. Traditional galvanised iron, with returned spouting and return stop ends, which will turn a dull gunmetal grey with age. Also the new verandah and divided windows.

And a view of the new back of the house with the french doors and deck. We look forward to spending a few relaxing afternoons here in the sun in the coming months. Then in the future, this will be a B & B for those attending my Windsor chair making classes in historic Kyneton. I think it will be a reflection of the ethos of our business, the products we intend to make and sell and the classes we will teach. It's taking time, but all good things do.

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