Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Joseph Goostray's Pattern Makers Chest - Part 2

Late last year I posted that I had been fortunate enough to visit Patrick Leaches 'Inner Sanctum' whilst taking a class with Peter Galbert in Massachusetts. Whilst there I bought an original pattern makers tool chest, which I was later to find out was owned and made around 1910, by a man by the name of Joseph Goostray. From the moment I clapped eyes on this chest I was mesmerised. But my time with it was fleeting.

It was delivered on a Saturday to Pete's place, where I had a quick look, took some photos then got back to finishing my chair. I then had to remove all the tools from the chest and pack them individually ready for shipping the next day. That was back in late October and I haven't seen it since.

Well yesterday I got the call I've been waiting for, for some months. Customs had inspected the boxes and they were cleared for collection. I couldn't get down to Dandenong quick enough, collected them and bought them straight home.

So this is nearly all the tools layed out on Kath's outdoor table. I ran out of room, with still a drawer full to go. I then had to go back to the original photos I took so I could replace all of the tools into the chest, just the way I found them.

I like to think I know what most hand tools are or have been used for, but I've got to admit that there are a number of tools in Joseph's chest that have me stumped. Great cooincidence is that my new neighbour just happens to have a father who was a pattern maker. So I reckon I'll be asking him a few questions soon.

It's great to have this little treasure back home with me and very soon it will take pride of place in our new shop in Kyneton. Please drop in to see it when we open in the near future....

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