Tuesday, 12 March 2013

An odd angry shot.

The OK Corral, a Civil War battle or Billy the Kid up against Arizona Rangers? Or perhaps a more contemporary Bonnie and Clyde incident. What was all the conjecture about?

A few days earlier I had been preparing some U.S. Yellow Pine seat blanks for our next Perch class when I saw the familiar shine of metal reflecting back at me from the surface of the timber. My worst fears of a nail or other lump of steel were soon allayed when the metal turned out to be lead. Or more specifically a bullet.

Last month I had been asked by Michael if I could reserve him the next sequential seat blank from my Yellow Pine board, for his second Perch class. He was after a perfect grain match. And this bullet laden blank was that match.

                                                                Nice work fellas.

So on the last day of the Perch class just gone, the Michael, David and I pondered just how that lone bullet found it's way into the Pine tree and how long it may have sat there, undisturbed. Perhaps 10 years, perhaps 100. Either way I'm sure it will be an interesting topic for conversation for the next 100 years too.

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