Sunday, 24 March 2013

From bands into boxes.

This afternoon saw six prospective new box makers fit and finish the tops and bases of their 3 Shaker oval boxes on the second day of our box making course. As I mentioned in a recent post, oval boxes are a very simple form but they are certainly more than the sum or their four parts. Despite the odd delamination of a band here and a copper tack skewing off track there, everyone took home three fine looking boxes. A testament to their hard work over the weekend and attention to detail. 

Good friend Tim came up also and got in on the spirit of things, making 3 great boxes too. 

     Tim's three boxes, with Spalted Ash, Spalted Sassafras and Blackwood tops

                                      Six happy box makers...with a smallish Rundell in the front.

All in all a successful weekends work with about 22 boxes made over the 2 half days. Enough to make me want to get straight back in to the workshop in the morning and make a batch for myself. But that will have to wait as starting tomorrow I'll be teaching a local how to make a Continuous Arm Chair instead....but I'm sure I'll be enjoying that 
just the same!

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