Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bits and pieces

                    Haskins Work Counter in Cherry, Pine & Poplar -$491,000 at auction in 2006

"Why patronise the outside world or gugaws in our manufacture, when they will say we have enough of them abroad? We want a good plain substantial Shaker article, yea, one that bears credit to our profession and tells who and what we are, true and honest before the world, without hypocrisy or any false covering. The wourld at large can Scarcely keep pace with it self in its stiles and fassions which last but a short time, when something still more worthless or absurd takes its place. Let good enough alone, and take good common sense for our guide in all our persuits, and we are safe within and without."

Brother Orren N. Haskins Jan. 18, 1887 New Lebanon, New York.

There is a good deal of work both signed and attributed to Br. Haskins of the New Lebanon Shaker community. Desks, looms, trying and moulding planes, workbenches, to name a few. All of his pieces embodied the words he wrote well over a hundred years ago, but which still ring true today.

In a weeks time I will start to make the furnishings for the cottage. They have been pieces that I have had in mind for a few years and now we have the perfect setting for them. Hopefully they too will reflect the honesty and substance that Lisa and I are trying to bring back to the cottage.

Freestanding kitchen shelving

                                                  New Lebanon style trestle dining table

                                                                       Candle stand

A step back cupboard such as this one from the Watervliet community, but with a few subtle      
  changes. This should keep me busy for a week or two...

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