Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Molasses Part 2

On the weekend I removed the H V McKay gate hinges. Here's the before and after photos. The hinges  have just been washed and left dry in the sun. They were then scrubbed down and oiled, but as you can see it has bought them back to the point where you can even see remnants of the original silver paint.

I also dragged out a set of four castor wheels that I found buried deep in the dirt at the back of the house. These things didn't swivel and the wheels had all seized. They were just rusty clumps of iron. Even I was doubtful if they could be bought back to life.
Not only did they clean up well, I was able to undo the square nuts on the bolts, which I thought would have to be sawn off. Best of all the molasses had free'd up all of the ball bearings and they swivel beautifully. Now to build something to sit on them.


  1. I bet your place smells rather nice will all that molasses doing its thing.

    You wouldn't happen to have enough molasses to submerge a 24" thicknesser in by any chance?


  2. Perhaps? The bloke who owns it may go the way of the scullery maid though, as I don't think he'd let go as it went under...... just like De Niro in Cape Fear!

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