Thursday, 20 September 2012

How does my Hare look?

I know. There has been a lot of non-wood working content on the blog of late, but I promise there is some good -wood related stuff to come. The last of the built-ins in the cottage is nearly finished and with that so is the cottage in its entirety. Im planning a 'walk through video' of the house when it's all done, so stay tuned, it's not far away.

Of course that is not inclusive of all the furniture to fit it out with. That's another story, but these things take time. It reminds me of when I renovated my last house and I had a retired carpenter/joiner who would help me out every few days for an hour or so. Tony was 70 at the time and one day I said to him that Rome wasn't built in a day. Quick as a flash he replied, " that's because I wasn't the foreman! " What can you say to that?

Anyway, while I'm off the subject, I couldn't let this photo opportunity slip by. Two days ago I was in the paddock at Rock House tidying up the last of the Elm when I noticed something moving through the grass. Rats are common place and the size was about the same. Then this little guy popped up. No not a rabbit, but a hare. Well, a leveret to be precise. When you have seen plenty of both rabbits and hares, it's quite easy to tell one from the other, even when they are this young.

I think the sound of the saw must have moved him ( her? ) out from under the log. Unlike rabbits hare are much more docile and I think he was just glad to be away from the noise.

Not living in burrows like rabbits, hare live in 'forms' or depressions in long grass. And unlike the rabbit they have never successfully been kept in captivity. So while Tom would have loved to have had him as a friend for his guinea pigs, he sat on and in my beanie before I let him go back in the long grass when we were finished.

                                                          How do you like those feet!

Although these guys are a feral animal, it is good to see them out and about. Ok, it's out of my system now. Tune in for the next cottage instalment and soon after I'll be listing and showing the range of furniture I intend to make for it.


  1. Wow! Very cute! What big feet you have. Thanks for the pic.

    So ... what do you call a line of hares taking one step back?

    A receding hare line, of course.

    Ok .. you started it.

    1. Mmmm. A little like the guy who hits a hare with his car. He stops, gets out and is devastated to see the hare lying there lifeless. Suddenly a pretty young woman pulls up behind him, quickly runs over, pulls out a spray can and covers the hare with it. Miraculously, the hare jumps up, hops a few steps, turns back and waves! Then hops again and waves again. It keeps doing this until its out of sight.
      The guy is amazed. "what did you spray it with?"
      She hands him the can and it reads......
      SALON SELECTIVE HAIR SPRAY -Brings back to life dead hairs, adds bounce and a permanent wave, instantly!

      Touche! =)

  2. If you had given the leveret to Tom, we might have been entertained with a hare-raising story.


    1. Of course, how silly of me....or hare-brained !

  3. Oh Glen I so love hares, I know they are a pest but really cute when young and a big thank you for sharing all your stories here and fabulous to see the work you are doing.

    1. Thanks Sue, looking forward to having a break and actually getting up your way soon. Best to Wayne.