Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Vitamin D

It took it's time, but I think I can safely say that Spring has finally sprung. Kyneton's famous daffodils are out in their golden thousands. And to celebrate the golden greatness, Sunday saw the annual Daffodil Parade.

Here's Tom in the orange vest, marching with his Kindergarten. It was a great day.

Yesterday I actually made it through a good part of the day without my beanie and scarf wrapped tightly around my neck.  In a few weeks I may even cease to be translucent !

Our garden has also come to life, the half dozen fruit trees in the back yard are all in full bloom.

The garlic has punched it's way through the mulch.

Even this little Crimson Rosella was enjoying the sun. Sitting on the vent pipe outside our kitchen window he chirped away quite happily. I'm fairly sure he and his mate are nesting in a fist sized hole in the wall of our neighbours weatherboard house.

I'll admit I'm fond of cool weather but it's heartening to see the sun for a change, hope it's warming your neck of the woods....... and your neck too for that matter.

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