Monday, 5 December 2011

Level playing ground.

Sometimes you just have to admit that there are things best left to the professionals.  I'm not about to argue the point when it comes to re-stumping houses. Especially ours. Don't get me wrong, we certainly paid for the privilege, but I don't regret not doing it myself.

Not when the house was still on the original split redgum posts, some of which were nearly a foot across.
But anyway the guys did a great job and now the old girl is back on solid and level ground.

And here is the little bit of re-modeling that we have done so far. I'd like to take the opportunity to thank the owner some 20 years or so ago who was good enough to glue the carpet straight to the floorboards and the next guy who was too lazy to remove it and put the new underlay and carpet straight over the top! Great work, thanks.

As you can see, not one bit of insulation in the whole place. Amazing when you think about building standards these days and energy ratings. Even more so when you experience a winter in Kyneton. It's cold!

Unfortunately with next few weeks being flat out with Windsor Chair Classes, the place will not be progressing as fast as what I would like. But post Xmas, transformation of the bland little cottage into something more inspiring will begin. I'll keep you all posted down the track with the progress.

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