Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Continuous Arm Rocking Chair Group Class

Last Friday saw a first for the Rundell & Rundell Workshop. Bern Chandley and I finished teaching our first Continuous Arm Rocker Course. Four very dedicated and passionate wood workers attended for the week and made four very impressive Rocking Chairs. Joe unfortunately had to leave early on the last day, so he wasn't able to be in the group pic below!

Since I began teaching courses in Kyneton, I've always been keen to make the course as close as possible to what I experienced when I visited Tennessee and Massachusetts. Either one on one tuition or a maximum of two people in any chair class. Add to that, a quiet country location and good food and coffee and I think I've got about as close as I can.

But when Bern came to visit me a few months back and showed an interest in teaching a class or two with me, I think we both knew that we could run a great class, still meet all of the objectives of a smaller class and maintain that attention to detail that makes the difference.

I think the smiles on the faces of Steven, Kate and Todd and the quality of their chairs speak of that. Well done to you all.

I might add that Bern's considerable  experience as both a furniture maker and joiner ensured that our new process of fitting matched rockers to the legs of the chairs was flawless. Nice work mate. We also had the opportunity to utilise some 'park fresh' Sheoak for a chair of our own, which we split out by hand with wedges and froes.  That's for the next post....

We have plans for some great new chair classes for 2014 as well as another group class for October, there's still two spots left. So watch this space and the website for details soon.


Saturday, 13 July 2013

Friday on my mind.

The last thing I ever really thought I'd be doing was donning an apron and being a barman. However my Friday and Saturday nights are now often the highlights of my week. Locals and friends coming in for a quick glass after work and before or after dinner. Or people who are staying in town for a weekend away. I enjoy all their company. Then there's nights like this Friday just gone.

Pete Murphy and Kate came in for a drink. Pete makes the spectacular Ukeleles we have in the shop. Also in the bar that night were Peter and Wendy Barber and their close friends who had come up to town for the weekend. 

What happened soon after, happens a lot these days. Musical instruments come out and people start playing. We've had everything from full size harps, to harmonicas and guitars. On Friday it was four ukeleles in an impromptu session by the fire.

Here's a snippet.

I like being a barman....