Tuesday, 15 July 2014

That's some House….

When I arrived at Pete's a few weeks back, we we sitting on the porch chatting ( possibly having a beer?  In fact a 'Lagunitas' -  'A Little Sumpin' Extra Ale,'  rated 5 Star by Ratebeer.com..... sorry, got a little sidetracked there ) when Pete mentioned that he was demonstrating at the Lie Nielsen Open House Event in Warren, Maine the following week. 

"Oh, that's awesome!"  I said.   I'd just tasted the beer...... Oh, really Lie Nielsen eh?   "Yes,"  said Pete, "and you should come along." And so after a lot more beer and a lot more days, I did.

 So with the pickup packed, we headed up the Highway for Maine. I don't know that I had any pre-conceived idea about what the Lie Nielsen workshops/factory might look like, but it was exactly what I had hoped it might. Very cool indeed.

It's a little odd to be at a show like this when your surrounded by the likes of persons you've previously only known via magazines and the internet. 
Taking a photo of Peter's axe was the only way I could see it not moving….

Highlights? The whole weekend. From Peter Follansbee carving spoons and bowls to meeting Mary May, hanging out with Charlie, Claire and Pete at their bench and us all having dinner together with the very cool Tico Vogt. 

Listening to Christian Becksvoort speak about his Shaker reproduction furniture and having an array of very nice Wetterlings Axes to play and chop out spoons with and meeting their CEO Julia Kalthoff.
 Having access to test drive every hand tool made by Lie Nielsen to meeting and speaking with Tom Lie Nielsen and Deneb Puchalski themselves. It was all great and very enlightening. 

That's 100% authentic Maine Seaweed steaming away…. 

Oh, and did I mention the Saturday afternoon? It's apparently a Maine tradition. A good 'ol fashioned  Losbster Bake, with corn on the cob, clams and hard boiled eggs ( oh, and more beer ). I'll let the pictures do the talking…..

 170 odd Maine Lobsters right there!

Now that's how to cook corn


And if that was not enough, we were treated to Peter Follansbee doing what he does best, inspiring us all, by talking about what he does. 

Magic stuff indeed. A big thank you to all who were demonstrating there, giving a little bit of themselves to make a great weekend for the rest of us. And particularly, thanks Mr. Lie Nielsen, it was quite a show. Cheers.


  1. Given a choice, I'd go with their Hop Stoopid.

  2. Haven't tried that one Dave, but thanks for the heads up. Cheers!